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Feed or Nourish

One of the first wellness books I started reading The Force for Good by author David Goleman, which led me to a profound personal transformation, the Dalai Lama, said that the world in the future will suffer from famine, but not for lack of food, but because of a lack of nutrients. And so true it is. At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition they told us that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from metabolic diseases.

An easy, fast and accessible diet is perhaps today a belief that has taken over our life and our health, without giving our body any possibility to act with the wonderful ability to heal.

I share some tips to "FEEL" health:

🍀 Eat fresh and local. Take advantage of the consumption of foods whose origin is clean of agro-chemicals and eliminate ultra-processed foods that last forever and that you do not understand the name of its ingredients.
🍀 Don't think about going on a diet, they don't work! Think about making gradual changes and achieving healthy habits that respect your metabolism and personal essence.
🍀 Consume a good source of micro-nutrients in the first thing in the morning, take advantage of injecting your body and on your empty stomach, the best of the best for your health.
🍀 Consume superfoods as they have a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, some are: quinoa, spirulina, maca, luma, açaí, hemp, amaranth, among others.
🍀 How about one or two days a week of vegetarian food? meat is not a sole source of protein and not eating a couple of days a week is good for your liver 🙂
🍀 Avoid highly inflammatory foods, those that you hardly consume and feel discomfort such as: dairy, sausages, canned, gluten.
🍀 Sometimes it's not hunger, it's thirsty! your body manifests itself and asks you to hydrate it. Before you think of a snack, you can think of drinking water.
🍀 Sometimes it is not a craving for sweets, it is emotional imbalance, meditation every day will help.

Food is the fundamental source of health and energy in our body, I invite you to become part of our healthy community. Yawi Natural😉🍀💚

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Feed or Nourish

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