Our history

A Yawi in the Amazon rainforest is a "saladero"; a place with special energy of mother earth full of minerals, which is used by animals and people to heal. Through Yawi Natural, we seek to transmit this approach to the city.
Our love for nature and joining collaborative efforts has allowed us to create Yawi Natural as a meeting point to seek well-being through integral nutrition. This innovative concept proposes that nutritious and healthy food is in food; but also in other aspects of life that contribute to our nutritional balance.

Our counseling services, yoga, healthy products, therapies and workshops have the mission of adding a healthy and conscious community.

At Yawi, maintaining and bringing positive energy is essential, at the level that we consider our main value. We lovingly care to maintain productive relationships. We act from love and compassion; We consciously always seek to contribute with coherence and professionalism towards the community.

We are part of Mother Earth and we seek her healing. We permanently inform the community how to be responsible with our planet and with our close environment.

Our principles as a company are:

Co-create meaning

Your opinions and contributions help us nurture the wellness perspective.

Cooperate in diversity

We are inclusive! All beliefs, ways of seeing life and healing, are respected and valid for us.

To practice

Adaptive leadership with a sense of co-responsibility every day.


Based on experience.

Paola Inga

About me

I have been in a process of personal transformation for 5 years that has radically changed my life and my habits, it has been a wonderful growth through new knowledge, people and wisdom that constantly nourish my life and for which I am grateful. Before that, I was a highly successful professional civil servant but in poor health, in 2015 my body exploded like a pressure cooker. I had a brain aneurysm, and after a long road to recovery, my life changed. I am a dreamer and systematic, so I like to use these personal characteristics to link proposals from various approaches to health that contribute to our quality of life. Since we are a functional human system. Together with my life partner, for 18 years we have called our home Yawi "which means wellness space" in the Amazonian Shuar dialect, they are places full of biodiversity to heal, and it has been part of our philosophy of life, caring for nature, respect and gratitude for our home called Mother Earth, for her energy that she offers us to heal. Yawi Natural was born there and since 2016 we began to dream of a wellness space to add a healthy community.

Building healthy community

Your work and daily effort makes it possible to continue with the project of adding a healthy community.

Find us in Loja, on the street 18 de noviembre 221 115 between Celica and Gonzanamá, or on our social networks on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as @Yawinatural.


18 de noviembre 221 115 between Celica and Gonzanamá


07 272 4015


096697526 - 0981566351

We like to listen, dialogue, share opinions and get to know better those who are interested in a healthy life
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